Careless Driving is a Danger for All
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Careless Driving is a Danger for All

While traveling over Spring Break, I had to drive hundreds of miles and I realized that there are a lot of bad drivers out there. Driving seems like a mundane task, especially because South Dakota residents drive so much, but there are so many outside factors that make driving actually very complex and can be stressful. To help promote car safety, it is encouraged that you maintain your vehicle regularly. If you notice cracks on your windshield, getting auto windshield repair services or a windshield replacement is recommended. You may also consider getting windshield calibration services.

Once people learn how to drive it feels like an automatic task. You only need to get from point A to point B. Over time it seems like it’s easy to predict how other people drive and because of this, there is an illusion that we are in control. While yes, we do have control of our Classic Mustang cars but we don’t have control of anyone else’s vehicles or outside forces like snow or deer.

So many people have distractions happening while they are driving. Data from the CDC says there are an average of 3,200 deaths per year attributed to distracted driving from 2010-2019. People know the obvious distractions like texting while driving or looking up directions. 

Most of the time, people can forget that eating, drinking or even talking to passengers is a form of distraction. Anything that takes your attention away from safe driving is a distraction so it’s important to be aware that you are not completely focused on driving and change how you are driving accordingly. Avoid multitasking when you are driving and ignore text messages.

People often blame near misses on the lack of ability of other drivers and excuse their own mistakes in a situation. For example, if you are speeding you might blame that on the fact you could have been late rather than admitting that you were speeding or should have left the house earlier. People also believe they are skilled drivers when it’s probably not the case. 

People also miss road signs or completely ignore them. For most people speed limits are suggested and as long as they are not going fast enough to get pulled over it’s fine. However, it’s important to be aware that road signs are there to keep people safe. If you’re looking to brush up on your road sign knowledge and ensure you’re fully prepared for your driving test, consider practicing at

Even if people feel safe in a car, driving is dangerous. Careless behavior behind the wheel is always occurring and it is important to stay aware of all of your surroundings while driving. If an accident occurs, reach out to florida accident helpers for assistance and guidance to protect your rights.