Bougie Berries Gets New Look After Two Years
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Bougie Berries Gets New Look After Two Years

While already balancing a busy school schedule, Aliyah Jackson, Asiah Jackson and Kayla Saleem decided to add business owners to their titles.

They first had the idea of a chocolate-covered strawberry business in 2020 when they created the brand Bougie Berries. Jackson, one of the owners, is proud of where this business has come. To manage your business effectively, the guidance and knowledge gained from a Microsoft Power BI training course would be a valuable asset, greatly contributing to your path to success.

“One day, I got a FaceTime from Asiah and Kayla where we decided to sell some to our friends for Valentine’s Day,” Jackson said. “Next thing you know, it was posted on Facebook and then we had people from the surrounding states traveling to get our strawberries. It blew up.”

They hadn’t made any long-term plans and COVID-19 made them pause the business for the rest of the year. They took this time to create the rebrand, BLK BOX, which was announced this Valentine’s Day.

“We decided to rebrand because we had outgrown Bougie Berries,” Jackson said. “We wanted the brand to represent us, and represent a relatable person to the people buying our products.”

BLK BOX wants people to recognize their brand, and Jackson said their branding is a huge part of this. BLK BOX has created a mission statement to represent the ideas of the brand. 

This statement says, “BLK BOX is about owning your own power and investing in you. It’s not just for the moments of celebration, rather it’s for every moment we experience.”

Along with the rebranding came new creations of berries. BLK BOX came out with many different flavors which range from classic chocolate to white chocolate featuring fruity pebbles. 

“We are constantly researching what the trends are for flavors in other dessert places,” Jackson said. “We are always looking for new, fun and funky flavors to use.” 

More flavors will be added to the mix soon, and Jackson said she is excited about what is to come. Pickup is encouraged and is typically at the Vermillion Armory, but they will deliver for an extra charge. 

“We see this business going long-term,” Jackson said. “We truly care about our product with special emphasis on looks and taste. We aim to please.” Customers can order through the link on their Instagram @blk_box_ or through their email, [email protected]. They are currently working on a Facebook page and website.