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Editorial: Why are the Seats Always Empty?

College athletics are one of the most distinctive features of school. Sports are a significant portion of USD’s identity and a way to recruit new students.

There are many different teams and sporting events that USD students are a part of. There’s football, basketball, golf, track and field, swimming and others. All of these sports have events that happen on campus, but why are the seats so empty?

A lot of sporting events are in the evening and on weekdays. This is difficult for students because the night is when they are getting home from class and work or just starting to work on assignments. People are busy, and attending sporting events isn’t at the top of people’s list of things to do.

People go to games to have a good time, but crowds can be loud, rowdy and overwhelming. It’s not an environment some people want to be in. Sports aren’t entertaining to everyone. There is so much entertainment people can get from their computers or phone, there isn’t a need to go out and find something to do.

USD has a lot of different ways to view the results of games as soon as they happen. It’s easy to look on Twitter to see who won and by how much. It doesn’t seem like people really need to go to an event if they can see the results.

But these events are more than just points, it’s about the atmosphere that sports can provide. While academics should be the number one priority in every school, watching a game can be an opportunity to step back from the stress of classes.

Attending college sports events can be fun. If you don’t like basketball, go to a volleyball game. If you don’t know the rules of football, watch a swim meet. Attending events is a good opportunity to support your school and peers. Even if it’s not your cup of tea, try going to a few games. Drag your friends along with you and see if you’re missing anything.

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