Non-Profit Celebrates 50 Year in Vermillion
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Non-Profit Celebrates 50 Year in Vermillion

Sesdac, a non-profit organization that provides services and supports people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, celebrated 50 years of service to Vermillion on March 24.

Sesdac held an open house for USD students and Vermillion residents. Dr. Don Monroe was the founder of the Southeast South Dakota Activity Center, Inc., later known as Sesdac, in March of 1973. Executive Director Ionela Georgescu said their workers are continuing his work in helping those in need.

“We’re very proud of the community we live in, because we feel like we have all the time. We feel so supported by our community,” Georgescu said. 

Sesdac supports 75 people within Clay and Union counties, which includes USD students and Vermillion residents. Out of these people, Sesdac helped 43% get jobs throughout the community. 

“(There is) not one support that fits all. What we’re doing is looking at their individual needs…(we) look at what the specific person needs and we’ll try to meet those needs,” Georgescu said. 

Some of these services include transportation, supported employment, helping with house tasks and helping with grocery shopping. 

Students can find part-time jobs and volunteer work at Sesdac. Georgescu estimated nearly half the staff at Sesdac are students. 

“We are in a really good place with employment, although we did suffer. A year ago when USD was remote from the pandemic really hurt us when [students] weren’t here. But last year, we had over 200 volunteers from USD and then decided to apply for jobs,” Georgescu said. 

Sesdac has a strong advertisement held throughout the community through the town’s newspapers and USD. Every year, Sesdac holds a table for students to advertise for jobs in the MUC and has presentations for Health Sciences on campus throughout the year.

“We have a close relationship with USD,” Georgescu said. To learn more about Sesdac, Inc. visit their website at or find them on their social media at Sesdac Inc.