Clay County Historical Society Presents “Getting Down to Business” 

The Clay County Historical Society held their sixth annual Spoken History Cemetery Tour on Oct. 9. The theme for this year was “Getting Down to Business.” Joni Freidel, who is the chairperson for the event, has been working for the Spoken History Cemetery Tour since it first started. “It actually started years ago,” Freidel said. […]

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Non-Profit Celebrates 50 Year in Vermillion

Sesdac, a non-profit organization that provides services and supports people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, celebrated 50 years of service to Vermillion on March 24. Sesdac held an open house for USD students and Vermillion residents. Dr. Don Monroe was the founder of the Southeast South Dakota Activity Center, Inc., later known as Sesdac, in […]

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South Dakota legislature redistricts Clay County

Every 10 years, legislators redraw the legislative districts of South Dakota. This year, the State House and Senate differed on their approaches. The State House’s draft plan, along with other differences from the final plan, included splitting the city Vermillion into three separate districts.  Lee Schoenbeck, District 5 legislator and president pro tempore of South […]

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Medical Marijuana is still not available to Clay County residents

The Clay County Commission held the second reading of Ordinance #2021-05 on Sept. 14, 2021 and enacted the ordinance, which allows for one medical cannabis dispensary and one manufacturing facility. The ordinance doesn’t allow for cannabis cultivation licenses or cannabis testing licenses as explained by Louisiana Medical Marijuana Doctors. Clay County voted overwhelmingly in favor […]

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USD Archaeology field school excavates historic town along Vermillion River

The USD Anthropology and Sociology Department hosts an annual field school opportunity for students. The department is hosting the third annual Susan Tuve Archaeology Field School from May 17 to July 11. Tony Krus, assistant professor of anthropology at USD, is one of the co-directors of the archaeological field school.  “It’s all about just trying […]

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Clay County’s first pandemic: The 1918 Spanish Flu

Over a century ago, in 1918, the United States and Clay County faced the world’s first global pandemic with the 1918 Spanish Flu. However, this was not the only first the U.S. and Clay County were facing. The world was also in the middle of its first World War, which America entered on April 7, […]

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Habitat for Humanity embraces COVID-19 regulations while continuing to help community

COVID-19 has altered the manner in which people now interact and socialize. While learning to alter their ways, USD’s Habitat for Humanity has found new opportunities to embrace these changes. USD’s Habitat for Humanity was formed in the early 90’s and partners with their parent chapter, Yankton’s Habitat for Humanity. USD’s Habitat for Humanity chapter […]

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South Dakota near top in vaccine distribution

Since the certification of the Moderna and Phizer COVID-19 vaccines in December, there has been a light at the end of the tunnel for this historic pandemic the world is experiencing. However, some states have been getting closer to the end faster than others. South Dakota is one of these few states as the state […]

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Vermillion, Clay County prepare for election

President Donald Trump has said in his campaign for reelection this November against former vice president Joe Biden, the 2020 election is, “the most important election in US history.” In addition, according to a recent poll, 69% of Americans believe the upcoming election is the most important election of their lifetimes. Addison Miller, National Committeeman […]

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Get Out the Yote registers students to vote in last weeks before election

In 23 states, the deadline to register to vote has already passed, but for South Dakota, that deadline is Oct. 19. Addison Miller, director of Get Out the Yote — a student organization encouraging USD students who can claim residence in Clay County to register in South Dakota — said the organization seeks to work […]

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