Health students run Vermillion Community Clinic
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Health students run Vermillion Community Clinic

The Vermillion Community Clinic (VCC) opened its doors in Jan. 2022 and is a student run clinic from the health affair programs at USD. They recently hosted a clinic on April 11. 

Assistant professor Matt Dewald said in an interview through email, the VCC is hosted at the Sanford Vermillion Clinic as a collaboration between licensed health professionals and the health professional programs at USD. 

“The goal of the VCC is to give students an opportunity to help the local community,” Dewald said. “Not all programs are involved yet but will include students in medicine, nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, dental hygiene, addiction counseling and prevention, social work, medical laboratory, physician assistant and other services like physiotherapist marrickville that are great as well.

Dewald said there were many services provided at the clinic which matched the patients’ needs and he hopes community members will find access to health services they deserve and need. Such services may include the one listed on

“Services could include management of injuries, hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, mental health, physicals, vaccinations, mammograms, laboratory testing, x-rays, physical and occupational therapy,” Dewald said. “There are really a lot of opportunities, and I hope students will develop a service minded attitude while picking up critical skills needed for their future professionals.”

Dewald said the VCC started as a way to provide assistance to those in the community without insurance to receive health services they deserve. 

“While allowing students an opportunity to practice alongside local health professionals in meeting the community needs, the students at USD are doing some really extraordinary things. The VCC is just one example of how they are trying to have a positive impact on the community,” Dewald said.