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Myofascial Release Classes Offers Relief to the USD Community 

Students and community members come to the USD Wellness Center for a wide range of purposes.  

Maybe they just want a quick jaunt on the treadmills, maybe they’re student athletes, training for a variety of games and competitions, or maybe they’re even taking part in specialized classes taught by instructors.  

One of these classes, the myofascial release class, is making a comeback to the Wellness Center and is certain to provide a helping hand, or foam roller, to muscular tightness. 

Instructor Trey Leasure began teaching the class in Jan. 2023. He took the class before with another instructor who has since graduated. 

 “I started teaching after getting a foam rolling certificate from a class in Sioux Falls,” Leasure said. “There were courses talking about muscular principles and teaching the majority of the movements.”   

The class’s goal is to engage tissues and muscle. This is done by stretching and sliding a foam roller or ball down tight areas. This may include the calves, shoulder blades and glutes.   

Leasure notes the benefits of the class can apply to all students and community members, but those who suffer from more severe tension could find serious relief. 

“It releases tension from the musculoskeletal system,” Leasure noted. “If you have any kind of mobility limitations, it can reduce that tightness or muscular imbalance.” 

Leasure also incorporates yoga principles into their classes, like maintaining a rhythm to achieve the perfect release. 

Leasure stated, “I am a yoga instructor, so I focus a lot on the breath aspect of the class, so I emphasize it a little bit more than previous classes.” 

The class is held on Thursday nights from 5 to 5:45 p.m. For further involvement, Myofascial Release: Hurt So Good, which will be held on Sept. 9 from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. for $20.