Campus Dining Leaves Much to be Desired

Should we as students expect more from campus dining based on what we are paying for?  A common grievance among many students is about the quality of meals on campus, in particular the residential dining cafeteria. Sodexo contracts as the catering company that serves all South Dakota public colleges, a decision made by the South […]

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Editorial: Combat Suicide with Meaning

September marks National Suicide Awareness month since its inception 15 years ago. Mental health has continued to make an impact on not only certain groups but entire generations. Mental health arguably ranks as one of the most important issues for Gen-Z. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) lists South Dakota as having the fifth-highest suicide […]

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South Dakota Has No Place for CO2 Pipelines

Last Wednesday, the state’s Public Utilities Commission (PUC) denied a permit for a CO2 pipeline in five South Dakota counties.  Earlier this year, Navigator CO2 Ventures, a Texas-based carbon management company, announced plans to build a carbon dioxide pipeline from North Dakota to Illinois. The pipeline would carry carbon dioxide from around two dozen facilities […]

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Editorial: Report Crimes That Happen on Campus

Since the beginning of the school year, USD has issued three timely warnings about sexual assaults that occurred on or near campus property. Currently, we as a school average one sexual assault per week. Based upon past crime data, that is not a good track record.  Thanks to the Clery Act, the University Police Department […]

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Editorial: How Does the Job Market Look for Graduates?

Supposedly our college education has prepared us for our future, but now it’s about to be put to the test as the graduating class of 2023 enters the job market for their first post-college job searching. Some of the more popular or well-known majors at the University of South Dakota include business, nursing and other […]

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