1971 Cold Case from VPD Perspective

The disappearance of Pamela “Pam” Jackson and Cheryl “Sherri” Miller in 1971 which confused Vermillion police for 50 years until 2013 when the girls’ bodies were found in their car.   KARE 11 reporter, Lou Raguse, wrote the book, “Vanished in Vermillion,” in response to Pam’s brother-in-law asking for one crime news article for them to […]

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Basketball Player Arrested for Second Degree Rape

Updated as of 12/09/2022 at 4:10 p.m. This morning, sophomore men’s basketball player Mihai Carcoana was arrested for second degree rape. Carcoana is being held in the Clay County Jail according to the Clay County Sheriff’s Office. In South Dakota, second degree rape is a Class 1 felony and is defined by South Dakota legislature […]

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Vermillion mother arrested for murder in the first degree of one-year-old son

A 26-year-old mother was arrested on Monday for murder charges after the death of her son.  The Vermillion Police Department responded to a report of a child not breathing at a Vermilion home on Monday afternoon. Officers discovered the boy was deceased upon arrival. Maria Milda, the mother of the deceased child, was arrested shortly […]

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Vermillion Police adapt to coronavirus

With social distancing being recommended, some crimes in the Vermillion area have increased while others have decreased. Matt Betzen, chief of the Vermillion Police Department (VPD), said he began to notice the trend of certain crimes going down and its impact on the type of calls being received. “Unfortunately we have seen an increase in the […]

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“If it happens once, it’s a problem”: Vermillion’s undercover date rape drug problem

Waking up in her bed, not knowing how she got there, Katherine Meirose made her way to her bathroom. There, she quickly discovered she had a black eye and no memory of how it happened.  Meirose said her first thought was, “I didn’t drink that much and didn’t have a hangover. How do I not […]

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