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Hendry takes steps to healthy lifestyle

A close friend of mine has been on a pretty strict diet for several months now. A while back, his typically remarkable resolve was shaken by an unbearable desire for Culver’s cheese curds, and he called me for moral support. It was the worst possible decision he could have made.

I have a general dislike of most people and things, and I think that’s because my heart isn’t big enough to love food and everything else to the same degree. If I have a bad day, I tend to console myself with food.  If I have a good day, I tend to celebrate with food. Food can be a pure unadulterated joy until I try to put last year’s pants on.

When my friend called to hear someone tell him to stay strong and resist the chewy cheesy goodness he so craved, what he heard instead was, “Actually, you’ve been doing so well and working so hard that what’s one order of cheese curds really gonna do?”

“You’re useless,” he replied.

But to be fair, they were the best and only cheese curds he’d had in months.

As much as I cherish delicious food, I’ve decided to try to take a page out of my friend’s book, just not the one that includes my terrible advice. Since my plans to visit the Wellness Center with any sort of regularity have yet to leave the realm of doomed New Year’s resolutions, I suppose any hope I have of being healthy rests with what I eat. It’s no secret that eating well is a challenge in college, so I started with a baby step: giving up soda.

I quit cold-turkey a week ago. My dreams have been rife with visions of those 32-ounce fountain drinks from Road Ranger. I keep trying to think of ways to weasel out of this without shame: maybe a small cup of Coke at dinner, or as much as I want but only on Saturdays.
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It’s me versus me now, a challenge to see just how long I can go.

I want to be healthier, but not enough to rule out the occasional pizza here and there. So it’s a small step for me, and maybe later there will be one more. Who knows! Maybe soon I’ll be fitting in last year’s pants and jogging at the Wellness Center. Until then, I’ll keep sipping water and wishing it was caffeinated and maybe wishing there was a Culvers nearby while I’m at it.