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Rambling Anna: A whole new kind of Thanksgiving

This is going to get personal; I’m bringing my boyfriend home for Thanksgiving and I’m terrified.

Here’s what you need to know — we’ve been dating for about six months, we had a couples Halloween costume and we’ve met each other’s parents, but no other family members.

I’m more than a little scared my boyfriend might be weirded out by my family’s incessant Pictionary playing, the way we all sound like a bunch of chickens when we laugh at the same time and the way we’re obsessed with food. We’re not Italian, but we all cook like a stereotypical Italian family; with as much garlic, cheese, wine, flavor and love as possible.
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That’s what Thanksgiving is all about, right?

But what if that terrifies him?

It would make sense that many of my peers have experienced this and it’s a common occurrence for any 20-something college student, but I still feel alone. Most of my friends who I’ve talked to about this have just given me a look that says, “Yeah, it’s all probably going to go horrible.”

I’ve even gone so far as to Google, “Bringing boyfriend home for Thanksgiving” but only found poorly written Yahoo! Answers responses from people with topless photos for profile pictures, so I don’t trust any of their advice. They all read something like, “Win u bring yo boyfriend home 4 Thanksgiving, tell ur parents ur bringing him.”


His family is also a lot more well-structured than mine. He has siblings and their respective wives and husbands with their children who attend holiday functions. My family on Thanksgiving will probably consist of my single mother, her boyfriend of about eight years, her boyfriend’s son and his fiancee, my grandma, her brother and his wife. There could possibly be a family friend or two thrown in there as well. Your head is spinning, right?

I know, I’m overreacting — my family is great. We rarely argue, love to laugh and usually spend the holiday playing lots of pool, board games and shooting guns because there isn’t any Internet, the cell phone service is mediocre and the cable probably won’t be connected. Also, we spend Black Friday drinking hot cocoa and putting up Christmas decorations by the crackling fireplace while my grandma complains about how hot the house is.

My favorite part of the long weekend is going out to the abandoned college, aptly named Plainview Academy, on the outskirts of town and checking it for any new ghosts or raccoons.

Oh no. He’s going to dump me, isn’t he?