VIDEO: Local Band Night raises more than $500 for Dakotathon
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VIDEO: Local Band Night raises more than $500 for Dakotathon

Loud music and good times were in high supply at the Varsity Pub March 20 during the first ever Dakotathon Local Band Night.

Dakotathon held the concert to raise money for its annual 24-hour fundraising event for the Children’s Miracle Network in April. The local bands that played the event included Mr. Clean Right Behind You, Stay Lucky and 20 Bold Ideas. Through their efforts, the Dakotathon team raised $505 at the event.

The event was brought together by recent graduate Kate Turner and graduate student Jesse Mohling.

“We just wanted to bring some local music that maybe some people haven’t heard,” Mohling said.

Mohling said he knew the people in the bands from open mic nights held at the Varsity.

“(We) wanted to do something to get the local music scene prevalent and known a bit more,” he said. “I figured a good organization to pair up with was Dakotathon.”

Mohling’s band, 20 Bold Ideas, participated in the event, and he was appreciative that he could help promote Dakotathon.

The bands played a variety of music. Mr. Clean Right Behind You performed alternative and acoustic sounds, while 20 Bold Ideas played punk and metal rock music.

Senior Nick Burke said he was asked by Mohling to play at the concert.

“I play a lot of solo acts around town,” Burke said. “The other two guys are friends of mine who wanted to help get a much more aggressive sound behind me so I could play more upbeat songs.”

Turner said she has been involved with Dakotathon for four years, and has been working closely with Mohling to create the event for months.

“We try to do events that are gender neutral, age neutral, Greek, non-Greek, all majors and minors, to make sure we’re enticing the entire campus at once,” Turner said.

Turner said that throughout the year, Dakotathon holds events both on- and off-campus to help raise money.

“(This is) the most rewarding thing I’ve done in college,” Turner said. “The money goes to all local children’s hospitals that are sponsored by the Children’s Miracle Network. The Castle of Care in Sioux Falls and all the families who benefit from our work comes to the event. (All the money) stays local.”

Sophomore Diego Marquez, a volunteer for the Dakotathon event, said he enjoyed the sense of community the concert showcased.

“(The concert is) a great way to get the community members involved,” Marquez said. “It’s a college town so people will be able to hear more about the event.”

(Photo: Mr. Clean Right Behind You band members Nick Burke, left, Ben Lund, middle, and John Matthews, play a set at the Dakotathon Local Band Night March 20 at the Varsity Pub. The event raised more than $500 for the 24-hour Dakotathon fundraiser in April. All proceeds from Dakotathon will go to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network. Malachi Petersen / The Volante)