Egg-Tastic: Taking scrambled eggs to the next level
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Egg-Tastic: Taking scrambled eggs to the next level

Sleep is a precious thing that college students tend to value highly, and nobody, especially me, has time for breakfast in the morning when every last second of sleep counts. But then there’s the dilemma of not being able to pay attention at that 8 a.m. class because of a growling stomach devoid of breakfast foods.

But have no fear, the Egg-Tastic is here to save the day! This as-seen-on-TV product claims to make fast, flavorful, fluffy scrambled eggs in just one minute. It can also be used for egg whites and poached eggs. The Egg-Tastic also claims that eggs made in the ceramic container are healthier because there’s no need for butter or oil.

Full disclosure, ever since I was young I’ve loved eggs. When my family had breakfast for dinner my dad would always make them with cheese and it was my favorite thing. So, as I was wandering Walmart and saw the Egg-Tastic, I had to get it. I didn’t have high egg-spectations for this product but I hadn’t had the chance to make myself eggs since I moved into my dorm about a month ago, because of my busy schedule. In short, I was really excited to try this product out.

Soon thereafter I bought myself a carton of six eggs and readied myself for egg cookery. I was so excited about the prospect of eggs that I neglected to buy myself salt, pepper or cheese. Nevertheless, I was preparing to make eggs so I was excited.

As an added bonus, the Egg-Tastic is so pretty that I wasn’t going to be disappointed if it didn’t work because if it didn’t, I would simply decorate the outside of it with Sharpie markers and use it as decor of some sort. Either way, for $10, it was a win-win situation for me.

To begin, I cracked one egg into the bowl and scrambled it up. Because of the non-stick ceramic surface, there was no need for butter or oil; however, I never used butter when making eggs so this didn’t really make a difference. I placed the lid on top and popped it in my microwave for 60 seconds.

I waited anxiously — until finally the timer reached zero — and as soon as opened the microwave I could smell the deliciousness. I took the pot out of the microwave and uncovered the lid.

Unfortunately, the egg didn’t look like fluffy scrambled eggs like the advertisement showed — the egg came out looking more like the egg you get on a breakfast sandwich, all in one piece. The egg, however, was fully cooked and didn’t taste horrible. Add some salt, pepper and cheese and it would’ve tasted pretty good. My roommate, who is very particular about the way her eggs are cooked, even said it tasted good.

Overall, I would say the Egg-Tastic didn’t meet my expectations, but didn’t disappoint me either. I think on a scale from one to five I would give it a four because the egg didn’t turn out how it was advertised. Other than that, I was pleasantly surprised with how it worked.

I would recommend this product to a friend, but I’d be sure to mention what the eggs will actually look like when they are cooked. So, thanks to Egg-Tastic, I won’t be distracted by my hunger in my early class!