Player of the Pack: Jack Coker
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Player of the Pack: Jack Coker

Jack Coker is a freshman in business administration who plays football and throws for track and field.

Ali Boysen: Is it difficult playing two sports your first year of college?

Jack Coker: So I’ve really had to develop and work on my time management skills… especially in high school it was easy to kinda just do everything and put the homework off. Being in tougher classes and more demanding schedules for both sports, I don’t have a lot of time to waste.

AB: Now since it’s spring football season and track season, how do you juggle throwing and the spring season?

JC: My coaches have really helped with that, the football coach has been really flexible so some of the meetings I can meet with them at different times and watch film on my own time so I can get the throwing practices when I need to.

AB: What was the highlight of your football season?

JC: That’s a tough one. The highlight I think was beating Youngstown State on our homecoming week. That was the first time I got to play, so that was a huge day for me and it was a lot of fun.

AB: What are you looking forward to in track now that you have most of the season ahead of you?

JC: I’m really looking forward to going to a bunch of new places. Just being able to compete in different atmospheres, getting to meet new people and just really getting to show what I can do… (it’s) a lot of exciting stuff.