People of the Pack: Sidney Bohnet
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People of the Pack: Sidney Bohnet

Sidney Bohnet is a sophomore majoring in business marketing from Winner, S.D.

Ali Boysen: Did you make any New Year’s resolutions this year?

Sidney Bohnet: I don’t really believe in New Year’s resolutions. Like if I want to change, I’ll do it whenever; it doesn’t have to be a new year.

AB: Since you don’t have resolutions, how do you make self-improvements?

SB: I just do it whenever I find the need that I need to change something.

AB: Do you set new goals every semester or year?

SB: Kind of, they’re all kind of the same like getting decent grades. I try not to get anything below a C usually.

AB: Are there any big achievements that you want to get this year within student groups you’re involved in or personal achievements?

SB: I’m a member of Alpha Xi Delta, so I want to be more involved in that and help more than I have. I want to be more involved because my first year I didn’t have any position, and I still don’t have a position, but I still wanna help.

AB: What’s your general outlook for 2019?

SB: Stay positive, nothing negative. I want to meet more people and I just want to get my life together, and in general, grow up a little bit.