The FA needs more funding

The Fine Arts building is a place that supports the minds of many creative people, however, there are many flaws that tend to draw away from that creativity. This is ultimately why the FA needs to increase its funding, to improve the conditions of the building and increase the ease of being imaginative and creative. […]

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MLK Day of Service volunteers spread Valentine spirit with Sesdac

Community service doesn’t always take the form of shoveling snow, picking up trash or other manual labor.  USD students used the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service as an opportunity to interact with Vermillion community members. The students spent the afternoon at Sesdac, a support center for people with disabilities.  The volunteers made Valentine’s […]

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Making lemonade: USD Center for Disabilities marketing specialist publishes children’s book

From lemons, Kendra Gottsleben has made more than just lemonade.  The marketing communications specialist at the USD Center for Disabilities in Sioux Falls was born with Mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS) Type VI, a condition in which the body is unable to break down sugar molecules and causes skeletal irregularities. She’s authored three books using the allegory of […]

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Cristobal Francisquez: Latte Extraordinaire

Coffee artist and Bean barista Cristobal Francisquez pours his heart into latte art at competitions from Sioux Falls to New York City. Francisquez began his coffee journey in Sioux City while working for a call center. Looking for a creative outlet, he stumbled upon Pierce Street Coffee Works and soon joined the staff. Once hired, […]

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Stop being ‘Not like other girls’

There’s a popular idea on the internet to act like women are ‘not like other girls’ which involves women shaming other women for their interests. This may make misogynistic women feel more powerful when they put down others but in reality all it does hurt other women. We see a lot of this hate online […]

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USD Sanford School of Medicine Dean to retire in July

For the last eight years, Mary Nettleman has served as a loyal and dedicated leader at the Sanford School of Medicine. This July, her time at USD and as the medical school dean is coming to an end. Nettleman is a physician and has always worked in academic medicine. Before accepting deanship at USD, she […]

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