New album by USD student expresses internal challenges
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New album by USD student expresses internal challenges

For junior Marcus Destin, being his most authentic self is key to his studies and activities at USD, as well as his music.

As a communications major, multicultural studies minor, president of the Coyote Crazies and Union of African American Students, Destin has a lot on his plate and his mind. Even with all those responsibilities, Destin said he finds time to share his feelings through his new album, “Maxed.” 

Dropping in early March, “Maxed” explores the difficulties in Destin’s life.

“My inspiration for ‘Maxed’ was my frustrations; everybody’s frustrations and challenging different energy,” Destin said. 

Destin said “Maxed” is his fourth musical project and it challenged him to bring out a new side of his music. 

“For my last project, it was a very one on one relationship with the music and the things that I go through. This album has more confidence in it,” Destin said. 

Along with confronting his own issues, Destin said he also tackles topics that connect with his generation. 

“A lot of the issues that I combat in my album are all internal. It’s the fight within yourself and the fight with overthinking and depression,” Destin said.

With ‘Maxed,’ Destin said he wants people to connect with the music on an intimate level.

“I wanted people who listen to the album who also battle with depression to hear my thoughts and know that other people feel those negative feelings,” Destin said. 

Destin also changed up his own stylistic choices on his new album.

“I am more into the love and the romantic styles, but this album made me dig into a different part of myself,” Destin said.

Although Destin is switching up his beats, he still wants to connect with his audience by staying true to his lyrical roots. He also attributes some of his own inspirations to other popular rappers.

“I reached into my ‘DaBaby bag’ and got a different beat,” Destin said.  “I may use a beat that everybody knows, but I still want to be a lyricist at the end of the day.”

At USD, Destin has a following of students connecting with his previous music. Braden Schnieder, junior communications major, said he can tell Destin puts a lot of dedication into his work.

“I really enjoy his music,” Schneider said. “Marcus is one of the most motivational people I have met and his positive attitude along with his hard work and dedication to his craft is stellar.”

Destin’s music can be found on SoundCloud, Spotify and other music streaming services. One song off “Maxed,” “Hyde,” has already been released before the rest of the album coming in early March. 

Destin said he encourages people to go and listen to his music and connect with his message.

“I really want the people who listen to the album to actually listen and hear my words because that is when it really hits,” Destin said.