This Halftime Show was Great; don’t say it wasn’t
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This Halftime Show was Great; don’t say it wasn’t

With over 110 million views on YouTube, this year’s Super Bowl Halftime show was one to never forget. It incorporated multiple cultures and made an important statement on immigration reform, all while being one of the best Halftime Shows.

But people are talking about the wrong things when it comes to the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez are both over forty and can move just as well as the young 20-year-old’s dancing next to them. Their athleticism and talent shined throughout their entire set.

These two performers are not only women but major figures in the Latina community and have continued to show why they are famous. It doesn’t matter how much clothing they were wearing, what matters is their own confidence in their bodies, charisma and abilities.

Shakira began by dancing before singing, which showed she is a versatile pop star who can do it all. She also went from having her own guitar and drum session, to showing her amazing belly/rope dancing, to representing the beautiful Colombian and Lebanese culture, all while singing some of her most popular songs.

She even did a riff on Cardi B’s “I Like It” with Bad Bunny. And the tongue thing everyone is laughing about is not only representative of her Middle Eastern side — it’s a sign of celebration, almost like a yeehaw — but also her Colombian culture, and specifically the Carnaval de Barranquilla, which happens in February.

J. Lo followed up and killed her half just as well. She began on top of the Empire State Building, ruling her own world channeling her roots from the Bronx. She continued to sing and dance, going right into the athleticism that is pole dancing, a wink to the remarkable movie she starred and produced, Hustlers.

J Balvin mastered his duo with J. Lo which caused the crowd, and me to go crazy. For most people, this is where the bulk of their issues come from, saying that she should be wearing more clothing.

But how could you only focus on that instead of Jennifer Lopez’s amazing performance? Also, she’s wearing just as much fabric as most performers nowadays, just look at Adam Levine. He didn’t have his shirt on and neither did the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but of course, that’s fine.

In my opinion, the most important statement made in the show was when Lopez’s daughter, Emme, showed up and sang “Let’s Get Loud.”

The scene was kids inside cages, representing how kids are being left in cages because their deported parents, which makes them orphans. Emme finished by sing a part of “Born in the USA” reinforcing the fact that what is happening with immigration is important to everyone, especially those affected firsthand.

As the show neared its end, Shakira sang an abridged version of “Waka Waka,” the 2010 FIFA World Cup official song. The performance incorporated Africana dance style, then she did a freestyle dance of Champeta which is closely related to Africana dance styles and originates from Colombia.

This was important because it shows the diverse styles of dance and hints to other world sports. J. Lo did her own salsa dance that further solidifies that she can also dance to the rhythm of any music.

These two ladies did the Halftime show justice and really made it better from last year’s train wreck.

However, that’s just me and my opinion.