CDC and CAB collab for first​ outdoor movie at USD
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CDC and CAB collab for first​ outdoor movie at USD

Over 200 students gathered on the lawn in front of Beacom School of Business on Sept. 17 for the outdoor screening of Coco, taking advantage of the nice weather and open space.

USD’s Campus Activities Board (CAB) and Center for Diversity and Community (CDC) collaborated last Thursday night to bring the big screen movie to students. 

Kate Solberg, president of CAB said CAB and the CDC provided goodies and crafts for the students before the movie, then encouraged moviegoers to socially distance themselves on the lawn. 

“Students were encouraged to find a spot on the lawn with their friends to enjoy the movie and we had a great turnout for the outdoor movie event,” Solberg said. 

For the logistics, the CDC used an inflatable movie screen and projector to show the movie. 

Saeed Dabbour, Intercultural Program Coordinator for the CDC, described the Thursday night event as a complete success.

“We found something that has not been done before (at USD), but still allows students to feel comfortable,” Dabbour said. 

This event is the first of its kind at USD just as many events on campus are evolving with COVID-19 parameters. 

“I was really glad to see students get excited about the event especially during trying times like these,” Dabbour said. 

Though this is not CAB and the CDC’s first collaboration, Dabbour said its nice to work with different organizations on campus to bring exciting events to the students. 

“CAB has been a supporting organization and our Mardi Gras event last year was a success,” Dabbour said. 

Solberg said each partnership develops a goal for the events and the outdoor movie exceeded their expectations. 

“Within the first ten minutes, we had 100 people swipe into the event which was mind blowing,” Dabbour said. 

With each group attracting different students across campus, partnership events allow for the organizations to build a stronger following. 

“(Our groups) complement each other in many ways and its a great way to bring students together,” Dabbour said, “We have over 300 students attend CDC events and CAB has their own following, so it was great to be able to bring both of our followings together.” 

Looking to the future, events for both CAB and the CDC are building plans, but cognizant of the unknown factors the pandemic presents. 

“Its not easy; it has been challenging but it is also very rewarding,” Dabbour said, “When you work hard and work with students to offer them the experiences they want in college.” 

Coming up, the CDC and CAB are focusing on their own events. Solberg said CAB is looking forward to a reimagined Dakota Days with a Virtual Mind Reader and take-home crafts. 

The CDC is also working on events specifically to promote diverse cultures. Events such as the  Diwali Celebration are staples for students at USD, Dabbour said, and allow for students from all backgrounds to experience new cultures. The CDC is also hosting USD’s first Students of Color Panel on Sept. 28, which will feature students of color who want to tell their stories and experiences.

To find out more about CDC events, go to the CDC website. For CAB events, visit their Facebook page for updates.