Hanging around with new hammock club on campus
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Hanging around with new hammock club on campus

USD is home to many clubs on campus varying in academics, sports and other student interests. Recently a new student organization has been added to USD — that student organization is the Hammock Club.

The Hammock Club is a new and quickly growing student organization now offered at USD. On Sept. 15 the student organization was officially approved and has already gained 230 members and continue to add new members still.

Margaret Meierhenry, President and Co-founder of the Hammock Club, said one of the student organization’s goals is to become the largest student organization on campus.

Right now they are second.

“When we thought of starting the Hammock Club we just started getting things lined up and it was actually already approved two days later,” Meierhenry said, “now we are a month in and are already the second largest club on campus so the mass enthusiasm we have received from our peers already is just so heartwarming.”

As of right now the Hammock Club is open to students as well as faculty to join.

“We have even received support from the community of Vermillion and because of that we want to allow them to join the club as well eventually,” Meierhenry said.

The Hammock Club will be placing poles throughout campus for groups of people to set hammocks up at.

“Some people may want to study and hang out with their friends privately but others might want to be in bigger groups so we are planning on placing two sizes of pole pods, one for three hammocks and one for seven hammocks that way there is a variety,” Meierhenry said.

The student organization does not want these poles to be placed inconveniently where they are in the way or are taking about from the beauty of campus.

“We are trying to put a lot of thought into this so we can be sure to get it right for our students and faculty,” Meierhenry said.

Tia Vlasman, Vice President and Co-founder of The Hammock Club, said they will be partnering with the arts association to decorate the poles.

“Some poles will even have the chance to be sponsored by a person or group who will also get to choose what design their poles have,” Vlasman said.

Vlasman said they hope the Hammock Club can connect students in way that other student organizations do not. The biggest purpose of the student organization, Vlasman said, is to bring people together.
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“Especially with our current situation and conditions we need to be for one another to maintain a healthy campus and we believe this club can help make that happen, Vlasman said.

Vlasman said the student organization is much more than hammocking, it is intended to be a safe place for students.

“We want to encourage members and people thinking about joining to let go of any academic pressure they may have and relinquish in the fact that they still have their social time as well as time to relax,” Vlasman said.

In a previous version of this article, the Hammock Club was referred to as a club. The Hammock Club is a student organization, not a club. Tia Vlasman’s last name was also spelt wrong in a previous version. The Volante regrets these errors.