Student referees keep intramurals safe and fun
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Student referees keep intramurals safe and fun

Intramural sports on campus would not be possible without student referees. Student referees are hired through the wellness center and cover a wide variety of sports.

Each week, student referees take quizzes about the sports they will referee next to stay informed and accurate.

Rylan Craig, a sophomore majoring in vocal performance and sports media and marketing is a student referee for intramural sports at the wellness center.

“As a student referee we try and keep everyone playing sports safe while making it fun for the player,” Craig said.

Student referees take time to learn the rules, regulations and CPR for each sport before refereeing the game.

Shawn Kuhnel is a senior majoring in media and journalism. Kuhnel said the preparation that goes into being a student referee takes time.

“To keep us refreshed on our rules as well as how we see the game we take quizzes on a weekly basis,” Kuhnel said. “Then we apply those trainings to real scenarios where we get volunteers to come and play back and forth and work officials into spots to see games at full speed.”

Intramural along with many other organizations, have been affected by COVID-19. The wellness center has set precautions to ensure safety for student referees and players.  

By cleaning equipment regularly and referees wearing a mask, the wellness center is implementing these safety measures to continue intermural sports in a secure manner.

“There have been a good amount of changes. Although the players don’t have to wear their mask while they’re playing, all the referees do what they can to wear them when we’re not blowing our whistle,” Craig said.

For students interested in referring for intermural sports, contact the wellness center to get involved.

“There’s a lot of cool things to come out of working as an official. I love working intramurals because you get to work games that are being played by people your age,” Kuhnel said. “It’s fun to make the experience of intramurals fun for the players as well, because if the officials having fun then everyone else should be too.”