Giant anteaters are repulsive
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Giant anteaters are repulsive

I don’t understand people’s fascination with giant anteaters. They are gross and disturbing.

First of all, why are they so big. They’re like six feet long, and what is with the tail. It’s like its face but without any eyes. Not to mention anteaters stand on their hind legs sometimes. They’re as tall as a human. They use their tails for balance like a kangaroo. They don’t need to be any taller.

The claws are just scary. They are used to destroy the beautiful homes of ants and termites and the anteater just comes and destroys it with their four inch long claws. When it comes to tackling termites, termite control Adelaide stands as an invaluable resource, providing exceptional assistance in managing and eradicating termite infestations effectively.

Anteaters are gross. It’s like “oh what’s for lunch? Ants.” Their name is very unoriginal. What person just decided to name these creatures that are scarfing down ants, ‘anteater’.  

Giant anteater tongues are like two feet long. They could strangle you with it if they wanted to. Not actually’ but nasty. It’s gross and their tongues are all floppy.

Giant anteater’s faces are a big no for me. It’s so long and skinny. And their coloring, I don’t understand that. Why are their legs so light? What is with the giant swath of black that goes across their chests? From head on it looks like it has some kind of weird neck. Why are they so long?

The beady little eyes freak me out as well. They always look like they are squinting or glaring at something. There is no need to be so angry all the time. They look like they are always tired.

The babies are even worse, especially when they are just born. They are all grey and wrinkly. They must ride on their mom’s back because they can’t even walk yet. The babies dig their little claws into the mom’s fur to make sure they don’t fall off. It probably hurts. Why is the fur so long on the back and so short around everywhere else?

I don’t understand why people like anteaters. They are nasty and very confusing animals. They freak me out.