The Nutrition DEN provides the Vermillion community with healthy alternatives
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The Nutrition DEN provides the Vermillion community with healthy alternatives

On Jan. 4, a new smoothie and juice bar, The Nutrition DEN, opened up in the Vermillion community. The Nutrition DEN is a sister Nutrition Club to River City Nutrition in Yankton. 

The Nutrition DENs’ one-stop healthy smoothie shop is located on 914 E. Cherry St. and it is open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Thursday. 

Casey Powers is the owner of River City Nutrition and co-owner of The Nutrition DEN with Jodi Forde, who owns other nutrition shops in Sioux Falls. 

Powers said that opening up The Nutrition DEN allowed them the opportunity to expand their Nutrition Clubs. 

“I worked with Jodi at her Nutrition Club, so it really stemmed from her leadership, her mentorship and the other Nutrition Clubs in Sioux Falls,” Powers said. 

Lindsey Hasvold is a student at USD as well as one of the shake-tenders at The Nutrition DEN. Hasvold said the main goal of The Nutrition DEN is to provide the community with a healthy food option. 

“It’s the different healthy option for people and getting to know the community and school is really cool,” Hasvold said. “I’ve met a lot of people that I haven’t seen before on campus.” 

When going to The Nutrition DEN everyone has the option to get the run-down of what is offered and how that will can be customized and beneficial for each individual’s needs. 

“We offer a three-part meal system, nutrient dense, breakfast or lunch option for the community to come in and enjoy,” Powers said. 

The three-part meal system offers a variety of flavors and is comprised of an aloe shot, tea and protein powder shake. 

Powers said you’re going to first get an aloe shot that will soothe your digestive system. As well as a tea that will help burn calories and give you awesome energy as well as antioxidant support. 

“Then the shake is a full meal deal,” Powers said. “You’re going to get all the essentials of a colorful meal in this guy and it’s going to taste like ice cream.”

The protein shakes have 24 grams of protein, 21 essential vitamins and minerals all for around 200 calories and can be used as a full meal replacement. Depending upon a person’s goals will determine what products get added into the shake.

Hasvold said whether someone is looking to gain muscle or lose, maintain or gain weight we have a meal for you. There are even kid shakes offered. 

“Overall we have a healthy option for absolutely anybody and anywhere they’re at in their health journey,” Hasvold said. 

The Nutrition DEN hands out invites to the community both personally and virtually.  

“We have a kind of different approach when it comes to advertising and reaching out to the community to invite into the club,” Powers said. “We really want to get that personal connection and build that community from out there.” 

First time visitors at The Nutrition DEN get offered a complimentary upgrade to their shake combo. 

Every Thursday, The Nutrition DEN offers a $5 tea fishbowl, 32 oz mega tea, consisting of a tropical lift off, lemon and energy tea with blue blast flavoring.