Striking the perfect chord
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Striking the perfect chord

Music is everywhere! Whether you’re driving around town, shopping in the mall or grabbing a bite to eat, music is universal.

Growing up, I was immersed in music since the very beginning. From piano recitals and festivals to endless hours of practice on the field for marching band, music shaped me into the person I am today, hence why I believe music to be a fundamental aspect in the growth and shaping of every person.

For me and many others, music is an escape. It opens my mind to creativity; it allows me to create and experience a story unlike any other. Without music, studying for tests and watching movies or plays would be far from exhilarating.

Music shapes the dynamic of our surroundings, and in numerous scenarios tells us how to feel. Colors, shapes, sounds and distinct chords bring to life the world around us.

However, music is far more than the notes printed on the page. From my experience, music involves the technique and passion of an artist, but also the mind of a child. The artist creates music with years of learned experience and work while the mind and imagination of a child allow for a fresh and new experience each and every time.

Furthermore, I credit music for the everlasting friendships I have made throughout the years. I will never forget the thrill of performing on stage, however, a multitude of my memories lie in the early mornings and quiet evenings with my friends. From playing variations of Uno on the bus to enjoying a meal after orchestra activities with my friends, music has granted me an inclusive and accepting environment, allowing me to continue to reach toward each and every goal I set.

Ultimately, it is because of music that I am who I am today, and because of that, I believe everyone should delve into the imaginative and thrilling experience of making and enjoying music.