International Club brings Latin America to USD
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International Club brings Latin America to USD

The International Club hosted its first Around the World Wednesday last week. The event focused on Latin America and had student presenters speak about Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua.

Osamakon Osemwenkhae is on the executive staff of the International Club. Osemwenkhae said this was one of the first major events the International Club has hosted.

The event had three presentations, two of which included a meal inspired by Latin American dishes, and a short quiz where attendees could win prizes. Daphne Navarro presented on Mexico, Arianna Polonio gave her presentation about the Dominican Republic and Fidel Martinez presented on Nicaragua, where his family is from. Navarro is also the director of marketing for the International Club.

“I really enjoyed the presentations and getting to know about other people’s culture and getting to share my own. I think that’s probably always my favorite part,” Navarro said. “It was an honor representing my country and sharing that culture.”

Navarro said the event had a good turnout, with 80 people attending the event last Wednesday.

“I think it went well. A lot of us were new to the event, but I think we definitely met the expectations of what we had in mind,” Navarro said. “People really enjoyed it… especially the freshmen. It was something new.”

Osemwenkhae said this is his third year being part of the International Club.

“The (Center for Diversity and Community) as a whole is a place where people consider to be like home on campus, and like trying to change all that and like just take it away, (to) make it something else, I don’t really know how that works. So I just hope that we’re able to pass the message across with our events. That’s all we’re able to do,” Osemwenkhae said.

Navarro said the international Club is such an important organization on campus because of its inclusivity and because it is a place to share different cultures.

“International Club is for everyone to come, it’s not just for international students.
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I think International Club is a very important big organization because we are inclusive to everyone. We are sharing everyone’s culture with everyone,” Navarro said. “The International Club is doing its best to keep these cultural events alive. I think keeping these events very popular and just bringing a lot of people to them is our responsibility to the university.”

Navarro said the International Club will be hosting another event, the International Night Gala, Nov. 21 from 5-8 p.m. The event will be free for USD students and five dollars for everyone else.