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Police Blotter: Sept. 11- Sept. 17

On Sept. 11, officers ran into a subject with an open alcohol container on a public sidewalk. After being approached, the subject offered a false date of birth and was then taken into custody for false impersonation.

Also on the 11th, a caller reported that there were two people fighting in their home. On arrival at the scene, officers revealed that one subject had struck the other subject in the face several times, and therefore was arrested for misdemeanor assault.

The final call on the 11th came from a caller reporting trouble dealing with their child who was not behaving. Officers said that wasn’t an issue for law enforcement and referred the family to counseling.

On Sept. 12, officers began an investigation after a caller reported someone had entered their home and stolen numerous items. This investigation is ongoing.

Officers received a call about a bag of marijuana laying in the street, which they collected and disposed of also on the 12th.

Also on the 12th, someone reported that they received notice from the Department of Labor that someone was filing unemployment claims in their name. Further investigation is being done by state officials.

The final two records of the day included officers encountering two subjects arguing which ended in the conclusion that no crime had been committed and a caller observing two subjects attempting to enter their garage, officers were unable to locate the subjects.

On Sept. 13, officers arrived at a scene where several parties were involved in a dispute outside of a business. After review, officers concluded that the parties had entered a series of verbal and written contracts regarding construction services and the dispute was deemed civil and not a matter for law enforcement.

An investigation began on the 13th regarding reports of damage to private property, this investigation is ongoing.

Officers responded to reports of a dispute between roommates on the 13th. Officers were able to mediate the situation.

On Sept. 14, officers investigated suspicious activity outside of a closed business. They also assisted the Sioux Falls police with a death notification in Vermillion.

Also on the 14th, officers responded to an unresponsive diabetic subject and monitored the subject’s vitals until an ambulance arrived.

Officers were contacted about the theft of a bike. The bike was found, and a subject was identified with charges pending against them on Wednesday.

The final call on the 14th involved a report of the front door to a subject’s residence being open upon arrival. Officers could not determine if someone broke in or if the wind blew it open.

On Sept. 16, a caller reported seeing a shadow by a car outside their residence. Once on scene, officers were unable to locate anyone in or around the vehicle.

Officers conducted a welfare check in the 16th and found the individual deceased. No foul play was determined.

On Sept. 17, officers were called to a local business where subjects were said to be throwing beer bottles at cars in the streets. By the time officers arrived, the manager had forced the subjects to leave and no damage was reported.

Also on Saturday, officers responded to reports of a fire alarm going off. Once arrived, it was determined that a tenant had burnt a pizza.