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President Hosts Annual All-Campus Picnic

President Sheila Gestring and her husband Keith Gestring held their annual all-campus picnic on Sept. 15. It was originally going to be held on the MUC’s west lawn but due to weather conditions the event was moved inside. 

The event kicked off with The SOUND of USD performing alongside the spirit squad in front of the MUC pit.

Kylie Weier, a marching band student, said it was a little different performing at the all-campus picnic than it normally would be, but it helped a lot of first year marching band members get ready for performances. 

“It got moved inside last minute so it felt like it was thrown together at the very last minute but it was good,” Weier said. “A lot of the veterans have already played it so it really helps with the newbies learning it and making sure that they are ready because we will play these songs at almost every game.” 

Sarah Auer, a work study for the cheerleading squad, said the team was excited to perform even though they were not able to perform all their stunts like they planned. 

“[The cheerleaders] were really excited to be able to perform and they’re ready to show school spirit in any way they can,” Auer said. “The girls are ready to work wherever they are given the opportunity, with it being inside they can’t stunt so it does take away some of the skills they can do.” 

Inflatables and food were on the second floor of the MUC. After The SOUND of USD and the spirit squad performed, the Bluff Ridge Band performed followed by the Blue Rune band. Giveaways were also held in front of the MUC doors.