Buhr Wins Four Event in Augustana Invite
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Buhr Wins Four Event in Augustana Invite

The Coyote swim and dive team was in Sioux Falls this past weekend as they competed in the three day Augustana Invitational at the Midco Aquatic Center.

There were 12 other schools from the women’s side that were competing; SDSU, Augustana, Minnesota State, University of Sioux Falls, Northern State, University of Mary, Iowa Central Community College, Concordia University at St. Paul, Southwest Minnesota State, Nebraska Kearney, College of Saint Mary and University of Minnesota Morris. 

As for the men’s side, four other schools competed in the invite including SDSU, Augustana, Iowa Central Community College and lowa Lakes Community College. 

The first event of the weekend, the women’s 200 medley relay, had two Coyote teams take podium spots. Freshmen Tatum O’Shea and Taylor Buhr along with fifth year Cassie Ketterling and sophomore Christina Spomer took the top spot with their time of 1:42.02. This time set a new South Dakota school record. The other podium team was made up of freshmen Grace Schultz and Carson White, senior Skylar Welle and sophomore Sara Mayer who took third place with 1:43.05. 

In the men’s 200 medley relay, the Coyotes finished first and second as seniors Mack Sathre and Zachary Kopp combined with sophomores Adam Fisher and Jack Berdahl to take the top spot and senior Aidan Gantenbein and juniors Parker Sonnabend, Grant Wolner and Caden Feit took second with their times of 1:26.72 and 1:29.61, respectively. Sathre, Kopp, Fisher and Berdahl’s time set a school record as well. 

The women’s 500 yard freestyle had freshman Camilla Brogger-Andersen finish in first place with her time of 4:55.29. Junior Maria Mattaini finished fourth in this event as she clocked in at 5:02.55.

As for the men’s 500 yard freestyle, sophomore Connor Mes took the top spot with a final time of 4:34.94.

Sophomore Emily Kahn did something no other female Coyote has ever done and broke the 23 second mark in the 50 yard freestyle with her time of 22.68. She finished second and teammate Spomer finished fourth with 23.10.

Kopp broke another school record with his time in the 50 yard freestyle of 19.81. He is the first male Coyote to ever finish below 20 seconds. Fifth year Alec Thomas and Sathre finished fourth and fifth, respectively. 

Buhr and O’Shea captured the final two podium spots of the women’s 200 yard IM as Buhr finished with a time of 2:04.75 and O’Shea with 2:04.87. 

The Coyote men also captured two of the top podium spots as Sathre touched the wall first with his time of 1:48.84 and Sonnabend finished in third with 1:50.63.

In the women’s 100 yard butterfly, Cassie Ketterling and Kahn captured first and second. Cassie Ketterling also grabbed her fifth individual school record with her time of 54.32. Kahn finished at 55.69.

Fisher also broke a school record in the same event with his time of 48.27. Freshman Jacob Ketterling and Wolner finished third and fourth with their times of 48.77 and 48.87, respectively. 

The relay team of O’Shea, Brogger-Anderson, sophomore Skyler Leverenz and Kahn finished in the top spot in the women’s 800 yard freestyle relay as they touched the wall with a time of 7:29.75.

The men also finished in first with their time of 6:43.74. The team consisted of Mes, Thomas, Sathre and Gantenbein. 

In the women’s 3 meter diving, junior Stella Fairbanks took the top spot when she scored 269.45 points. Junior Kayla Middaugh finished in second with 259.30 and freshman Mady Schmidt in fourth with 236.45.

The Coyotes’ combination of Kahn, Cassie Ketterling, Leverenz and Spomer finished in second place in the 200 yard freestyle relay as they touched the wall at 1:32.89. Brogger-Anderson, Mayer, Schultz and White finished in fourth with 1:34.56.

The men’s 200 yard freestyle relay produced Sonnabend, Feit, Jacob Ketterling and freshman Brennon Conner in second with their final time of 1:22.15.

Both sophomore Mairead Powers and junior Maddie Grant cracked the top five in the women’s 400 yard IM. Powers finished in second with 4:34.65 and Grant in fifth with 4:39.27.

In the men’s 400 yard IM, Jacob Ketterling  won with his time of 4:05.03. Wolner finished in third with 4:07.29. 

Brogger-Anderson captured her second first place of the three-day event in the women’s 200 yard freestyle. She touched the wall at the 1:50.05 mark. Kahn also finished in the top with her time of 1:52.41, making her fourth. 

Thomas was the only Coyote to finish in the top five as he finished in first in the men’s 200 yard freestyle with 1:39.04. 

Buhr captured a win in the women’s 100 yard breaststroke with her time of 1:02.51. Welle finished in fifth with 1:04.74. 

Four different Coyote men finished in the top five with Wolner as their best finisher with his time of 54.59, placing him in second. Berdahl, Sathre and Sonnabend finished third, fourth and fifth, respectively. 

In the women’s 100 yard backstroke, O’Shea touched the wall first with a new school record time of 54.99. Schultz finished in fifth with 56.10.

Fisher and Kopp found their way into first and second in the 100 yard backstroke. Fisher finished with 48.12 and Kopp with 49.59.

O’Shea, Buhr, Cassie Ketterling and Kahn finished in first in the women’s 400 yard medley relay with their time of 3:44.34. This time was a South Dakota school record. Schultz, Welle, Mayer and Brogger-Anderson finished in fifth with 3:49.69. 

The men’s 400 yard medley also set a school record with a time of 3:14.44 set by Fisher, Berdahl, Sathre and Kopp. Gantenbein, Sonnabend, Wolner and Thomas also grabbed the last podium spot as they finished in third with their time of 3:20.76.

Fairbanks finished in second in the 1 meter diving with her score of 245.75. Schmidt finished fourth with 229.65. 

Two Coyotes set school records in the 100 yard IM. On the women’s side Buhr finished in first with her time of 56.73. As for the men’s school record, Sathre finished in first with his time of 49.18. 

O’Shea captured another woman’s first place spot as she clocked in at 2:00.75 in the women’s 200 yard backstroke. Powers finished in fourth with 2:04.99.

Kahn broke a school record in the 100 yard freestyle, which she was already the previous title holder for, with her time of 49.73. White and Brogger-Anderson also got spots in the top five with White in third and Brogger-Anderson in fifth. 

In the men’s 100 yard freestyle Thomas and Conner got into the top five with Thomas in second with 44.76 and Conner in fourth with 45.70.

Buhr broke another school record in the women’s 200 yard breaststroke with her time of 2:17.22, however she finished in second. Freshman Blake Currie finished in fourth with her time of 2:21.81. 

In the men’s 200 yard breaststroke Berdahl finished in second place with his time of 2:02.65 and sophomore Dylan Purrington finished in fifth with his time of 2:07.70. 

In the women’s 200 yard butterfly, the Coyotes had three swimmers in the top five with Cassie Ketterling leading the way with her second place time of 2:06.17. Mayer finished in fourth with 2:09.58 and senior Maddie Katz in fifth with 2:10.44.

In the men’s 1650 yard freestyle, junior Keegan Henning finished in first place at 16:07.44. As for the women, Mattaini finished in second with 17:22.18.

Two Coyote teams finished in the top five in the women’s 400 yard freestyle relay. O’Shea, White, Brogger-Anderson and Kahn finished in first with their time of 3:23.08. Leverenz, Spomer, Schultz and sophomore Shannon Banark got fifth when they touched the wall at the 3:30.14 mark. 

The Coyote men’s 400 yard freestyle relay team set a school record as Kopp, Thomas, Fisher and Sathre touched the wall at the 2:57.59 mark. Conner, Mes, Wolner and Sonnabend finished in fourth with a final time of 3:03.70. 

The Coyote women’s team won the event when they scored 1,664 points. Second place was South Dakota State with 1,082. The men’s team finished in second with 1,315 on the weekend. South Dakota State won the men’s side with 1,784. 

South Dakota’s next event will not be until 2023 when they host St. Thomas on Jan. 20. This will be their Senior Day.