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Editorial: New Years Resolution for the University

It’s hard to believe that we’re already in the third week of the Spring (in name only) 2023 semester. Although New Year’s is a distant memory of partying and hangovers, we at The Volante want to give our New Year’s resolutions for USD.

First, the parking stalls are narrow on campus, we get it. Even the narrowest vehicles can have a difficult time in some of these lots. 

However, that does not preclude everyone from trying to park reasonably. We’re not arguing for publicly shaming bad parkers or revoking their parking passes (although it would make life more exciting), but sometimes the quality of parking on campus makes us lose faith in humanity a little. 

With that in mind, a conscious reminder to park inside the lines every time we drive onto campus will make everyone’s semester a little bit better.

Second, it can be overwhelming to try and get involved in different activities at USD such as sports, clubs or the arts. 

A lot of times it’s easy to take on the life of a hermit living in the mountains. While we have the rest of our lives to be recluses, it is important to actually interact with other humans. 

There are approximately ten thousand other students to meet on campus and now is the opportunity to go out and meet them. It’s important to step out of our comfort zones once in a while and create new friendships. Going out of our comfort zones helps us grow into better, well-rounded people. 

We believe that USD should be better at promoting these events that are happening on campus more than just a paper flier posted in the MUC. 

Lastly, balancing school, work and free time can be overwhelming but a very wise woman once said, to be healthy is to do “everything in moderation.” Everyone should try to use this motto in their lives. 

For some, this could mean taking the time to hang out with friends more often and to also recognize that a ‘B’ will not be the end of the world. For others, this could mean more time drowning in homework and less time drowning at Char.

In conclusion, like any institution, USD has its flaws. However, we should take pride in knowing that we will excel at the greatest New Year’s Resolution of all: not being a Jackrabbit. Go Yotes!