Student Written One-Act Plays Showing This Weekend
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Student Written One-Act Plays Showing This Weekend

USD’s Theatre Department is hosting their annual Ron L. Moyer One-Act Play Festival. The one act plays that are performed this year are Unfortunately, Unbearably, Undeniably Scottish by Johanna Ziegler, The Inexplicable Chaos Factor of Mia Gregory by Emily Hageman, Best Friends 4 Ever by Em De Zafra and Kiddo by Johanna Ziegler. 

Grace Engstrom, who is a sophomore musical theatre major, is performing for her first time in one acts. She plays Tara in Best Friends 4 Ever. 

“I have loved getting to be a part of this show as we have a really amazing mostly female team,” Engstrom said. “With an amazing female playwright, director, assistant director, stage manager and three female cast, it’s been really amazing.”

Mackenzie Layson is also a sophomore musical theatre major who is experiencing a first with one acts as well. The difference between her and Engstrom is that Layson is directing her first college show, that being Best Friends 4 Ever. 

“The biggest difference between directing a high school show and a college show is that the actors are professional in a college environment,” Layson said. “Both directing and performing are about creating art and bringing something to life. The main difference is that as a director I am creating the vision, but as a performer I become the vision.”   

Junior musical theatre major Jackson Graham plays Duncan in Unfortunately, Unbearably, Undeniably Scottish. For him, the difficult part has been learning the script and figuring out how to somehow do a quick change into a kilt. 

“This is my second time performing in one acts and it’s been a great experience,” Graham said. “We’ve had a lot of fun putting together this show and can’t wait for people to see it.”

This year three out of the four one-acts were written by students and all of them are directed by either undergraduate or graduate students. 

“Students should come see the one acts because it is truly a student centered festival,” Engstrom said. “All the designs and stage management is done by students. The festival also showcases not only theatre majors, but also many non theatre majors on stage which is really special. It truly is inspiring to see how hard each and everyone of these students have worked.”

One acts take place in the Arena Theatre from Mar. 22-24. USD students can get a free ticket with their student ID. Tickets for the public range from $10 to $15.