Marijuana Dispensary Opens Downtown

Dakota Herb is the first medical marijuana dispensary to open in downtown Vermillion. It opened early November of last year and is one of three dispensaries opened by Dakota Herb in South Dakota.   In 2020, South Dakota residents voted to approve Initiated Measure 26, thus legalizing medical marijuana. This allows South Dakota residents to buy […]

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Will Medicinal Marijuana Change the Vermillion Community?

As of July 1, medicinal marijuana was legalized in South Dakota on a ballot-based vote back in November. Now, individuals can obtain cannabis from authorized dispensaries such as that have a wide selection of cannabis terpenes available in bulk via wholesale online. USD and the Vermillion community have been busy making preparations for this […]

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Vermillion mayoral election sees five candidates

EDITORS NOTE: In a previous version of this article, Aaron Kerkhove’s name was mistakenly reported as Charles. This article has been updated to reflect the correct name. The Volante regrets this error. Vermillion’s Mayor Kelsey Collier-Wise will run in a special election to serve out the rest of Mayor Jack Powell’s term in June. Collier-Wise […]

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South Dakota legalizes marijuana

This November, five states had medical or recreational marijuana on the ballot. The benefits of marijuana are explained in sites like, and such measures indicate the chances of more people agreeing to them. All five passed those measures, with South Dakota making history by passing both medical and recreational marijuana simultaneously, through Initiated Measure […]

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USD students ‘not surprised’ by South Dakota election

As election results rolled in on Nov. 3, students around campus watched the future of the country become a reality.  Some students chose to attend watch parties on campus while others viewed from the comfort of their homes. But no matter where they watched, students were not surprised by the South Dakota elections.  Freshman Marissa […]

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Medical marijuana: Should we be more concerned?

Medical marijuana has been a controversial topic in the United States for a while now. We’ve all heard about the benefits of utilizing medical marijuana, but we should be more careful about who receives these prescriptions.  Thirty-three states and Washington, D.C. allow marijuana to be used for medical purposes.  The amount research supporting the use […]

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