Students reflect on their personal experiences with COVID-19

The effects of COVID have rippled throughout campus, but they have looked different for every student. For some students, the virus has been a looming threat with little meaning in their lives, but for others, it has changed their life.   Freshman Brooke Loutsch’s uncle contracted COVID from his job at the Tyson Foods plant. He then passed it onto Loutsch’s aunt. Loutsch […]

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FA Series: Art classes work hand-in-hand, face-to-face

For some classes, the transition to online or hybrid learning is simple. But for hands-on classes, like those involving art – online instruction can be difficult. This semester, with class instruction being a combination of online, hybrid and face-to-face, each department is adjusting material to fit each type of instruction. For Michael Hill, a ceramics […]

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Local organizations provide homemade hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer and other cleaning products are normally easy to find, but since the COVID-19 pandemic, they have been hard to come by. Many stores have limited quantities of these items, or are completely sold out.  In response to the shortage of hand sanitizer, a team from USD’s chemistry department has created a small bulk […]

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USD students balance time with their children

For USD students with children, the challenge is striking the right balance between spending time in class and with their kids. The Vucurevich Children’s Center on campus offers childcare services to 19 USD students with children, as well as USD faculty and staff and the Vermillion community. Melissa Kay is a second year law student […]

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Local artists paint Vermillion

Bright, vivid murals have been popping up around downtown Vermillion. The Vermillion Community Mural Project (VCMP), a project dedicated to creating murals to beautify the city, is working to finish a two-part mural located behind the Coyote Twin Theater. Amber Hansen, Assistant Professor at USD, is the main developer of the VCMP, a subsidiary part […]

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2020 Census to impact USD, Vermillion communities

Every ten years, the U.S. Census Bureau takes a count of the population of the entire country. This year, Census Day falls on April 1 and every city, town and community across the U.S. will be accounted for.  In Vermillion, the Complete Count Committee from the Vermillion Chamber and Development Company (VCDC) is responsible for […]

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Dog Instagrams create an online community

Pet Instagrams are popular among celebrities such as Lindsey Vonn and Kylie Jenner, and now more pet owners are getting into this trend. At USD, three Instagram accounts featuring a Great Pyrenees, a French bulldog and a Shiba Inu part husky have all become part of an online community on campus. Baker Kasey Jensen, a […]

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