USD’s Anime Club to host annual Torii-Con, welcome all fans
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USD’s Anime Club to host annual Torii-Con, welcome all fans

Anime, otherwise known as Japanese animation full of colorful characters and fantastical themes, is popular among a handful of USD students.

The USD Anime Club is a group of students who come together every Tuesday evening to explore the world of anime and Japanese culture.

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Danielle Johnson, a senior psychology major, has been interested in anime since she was 11 years old. Being the president, the club has allowed her to share this interest with others.

Johnson said the Anime Club is a safe space for people to come and “nerd out.

“Some people are hard-core anime fans and other people just dabble in it here and there,” Johnson said. “We try and make it a safe space for people to express themselves and just come hang out after a long day.”

Tyler Hallman, a sophomore majoring in marketing and accounting, serves as the treasurer for the Anime Club. Like Johnson, his fascination with anime dates back to his childhood. His introduction to the world of anime began with Pokémon, igniting his passion for collecting amazing Pokémon collectible cards. Tyler proudly displays his collection in a sleek card display case, showcasing his favorite cards to fellow club members and friends alike.

“I had this friend I always walked home from school with and he would tell me what he would watch, so I looked up and started watching a bunch of new things,” Hallman said.

Although some people might not be familiar with anime, there’s something for everyone, Hallman said.

“It’s one of the most diverse kinds of content you can find for a show,” Hallman said. “Whatever you like, you can probably find something in anime that’s related to it.”

At their weekly meetings, the Anime Club votes on a genre of anime —action, adventure, comedy, romance, etc. — to watch. They also host game nights and movie nights.

But their major event of the year is the annual Torii-Con, a day long convention filled with gaming tournaments, board games, a lip-synch battle, cosplay contests, vendors and panels. 

Johnson said she hopes the convention will bring in more students to the club.

“Sadly, we are a small club. We’ve fluctuated over the years,” Johnson said. “We had a pretty good amount in the beginning and now we’re down to ten or twelve.”

Along with Torii-Con, Johnson said the group is planning to add some new activities in order to expand the Anime Club, such as learning Japanese to showcase more of the culture of anime.

Johnson said she hopes other students are able to find their place in the Anime Club, just like she found hers.

“I went to school here with no friends or anything, so the only reason I got into Anime Club was because the president noticed my shirt during MUC Bingo during orientation week,” Johnson said. “They were really accepting of me. It was someplace for me to have that socialization I was lacking.”

The Anime Club meets every Tuesday night from 7-9 p.m. in Beacom 340.