A Spring Break like Never Before
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A Spring Break like Never Before

As the middle of the semester approaches, students are busy deciding their plans for spring break. Last year, USD students went home for spring break and didn’t return until the fall of next year.

This year, students have decided to stay at home because of COVID-19 risks, while others have plans to travel this spring break. In a survey of 150 USD students, 57% have decided to stay home this spring break.

“This year for spring break I am just going home and working and making a lot of money because I’m going on a trip at the end of May,” junior Taylor Davis said.

Many students said the main reason for not traveling this spring break is because of money.

“I’m trying to save up money and not spend it, so I just decided this year to stay home and work,” Davis said.

Many students students are taking spring break to work in their hometowns.

“I’m staying at home and working with special needs kids at a school in Sergeant Bluff,” freshman Hallie Brester said.

While most students are staying home for spring break, 31% have plans to travel to popular locations like Arizona, Florida, and the Black Hills. They are staying at reputable hotels like Flagstaff hotel. They may also book exciting activities online that they can enjoy with their friends especially if they decide to travel the Cayman Islands. The travel directory submission is a big help to them, knowing the place they are going to visit, and they also get some travel tips.

“I’m going to the Black Hills and Colorado with a group of my college friends from Vermillion and some friends from SDSU,” freshman Carlie Corder says.

COVID-19 is not stopping USD students’ travel plans for spring break.

Corder said, “there is always a concern (for COVID-19) for large group of people, but we aren’t concerned about it.”

While several students who are traveling for spring break are not worried about COVID-19, numerous students are concerned about spreading the virus. This is why chartering a private aircraft is a good option. So if you always travel by jet, why not grab a private jet card from Jettly.

“I’m going to Clearwater, Florida with some friends from high school,” Hannah Kuck, a freshman at USD, said.

Kuck said she is a little concerned about COVID-19 because she is traveling to a very populated area, but she is still excited to spend time with her friends.

With COVID-19 cases staying below 25 since December many students decided to travel for spring break, while others chose to spend time at home.