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MUC Decorated With Decks for Another Year

The Muenster University Center (MUC) is hosting a skateboard decks exhibition for another year. This tradition is thanks to the spring class of the First Year Art Seminar.

Amy Fill, the curator for USD galleries, said ART 101 students are encouraged to express themselves with their skateboard decks. 

“It’s all inclusive,” Fill said. “Whoever participated in class, was able to display their work in the (MUC). And I know that it is one of the favorite exhibits. We do this every year in the hallway (of) the MUC Gallery.”

Some students used paint and polymer clay to sculpt onto the boards and some used a mix of materials on their skateboards.

Fill said the themes range from a variety of different perspectives, from takes on social issues to personal expression, still some are more whimsical and fun. All of them have a place in the gallery space.

“I noticed things sometimes deal with addiction or, for example, some have more (to do with) social issues,” Fill said. “I think throughout the years, it seems like…there’s always a few that are personal issues (and) some social issues. I think it’s pretty consistently diverse themes that are presented.” 

When it comes to working with skateboards, Fill said it is a different experience as an artist because the medium is a little less traditional.

“We think of art (as) this elevated experience or this elevated piece…a canvas is supposed to be a masterpiece, you know, and then we maybe approach that work differently,” Fill said. “With skateboards…I think it’s kind of outside of what we normally think of as art.”

Fill said she likes to see how students use the skateboards in unconventional ways.

“It is fun to see playful artworks, things that are more experimental. It’s just my preference when folks take chances and are willing to make mistakes,” Fill said.