Hidden Gem: The Vermillion Public Library

Many USD students are familiar with the on-campus library, but few are aware of the vast resources that the Vermillion Public Library has. The Edith B. Siegrist Vermillion Public Library was established in 1902 with funds from Andrew Carnegie.  Edith B. Siegrist, whom the building is named after, worked at the University of South Dakota […]

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“Barbenheimer” Brings New Look to Movies

Throughout the past few years, cinemas have been dominated by franchise movies that often follow the same plot with different characters. This summer, “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” were able to captivate audiences with their strong stories and fresh perspectives.   “Barbie’’ follows the story of Barbie as she faces an existential crisis that causes her to […]

3 mins read

Vermillion Police Expect Rise in Student Crime

In a community where violent crime is scarce, a recent homicide has garnered attention. Chief of Police Crystal Brady noted that these types of crimes are rare, with student-crimes being much more prevalent. Furthermore, Brady anticipates continuing to crack-down on student-crimes this year.  “It’s a fairly safe community when it comes to that type of […]

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