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Sigma Delta Pi Hosts Spanish Tutoring Sessions for Students 

Sigma Delta Pi, the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society at USD, began hosting free Spanish tutoring for students learning Spanish. 

Lilian Shari, president of Sigma Delta Pi, said she wanted to make the organization more known on campus. Her first thought was getting a group together so they can speak Spanish and talk about what they’ve been learning in class.

“I thought that was really helpful because I put myself in these people’s shoes.

If I was a freshman or sophomore thinking about Spanish, I would want somebody who’s been through this program, talk to them and receive help,” Shari said. “There’s not that many resources to receive help in the Spanish program.”

Angela Helmer, faculty advisor for Sigma Delta Pi’s Spanish tutoring program and professor in modern language and linguistics, said when Lillian presented the idea of tutoring students, she thought it was a great idea. Helmer went with it and was willing to offer any help. 

“I’m offering any help they want. They are having snacks,so that students can  know it should be a relaxing atmosphere and students should feel welcome and we don’t judge if they make mistakes,” Helmer said. 

Shari said the best takeaway from the entire experience is the leadership and the act of balancing everything, not only as a person to look up to, but also to remind herself that she is still growing and learning. 

“I need to be open to everyone and everything because I’m not going to necessarily know what’s going to come through everyday, and that’s the beauty of this,” Shari said. “I feel like that’s what’s going to be big for me.”

Helmer said her favorite part of the tutoring are the officers of Sigma Delta Pi and how they really want to make a difference and want to get involved. 

“They excel in the language, and they’ve done really well. That’s why they were admitted into this honor society,” Helmer said. “I have them in  most of my classes, if not all, and they are great students, great people to work with.”

Sigma Delta Pi’s Spanish Tutoring is free to all students, whether they are taking a class or just interested in learning the language for fun. Spanish tutoring is held in the library in room 205 on Thursdays from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.