Editorial: Seriously, just stay home

Apparently staying home is one of the hardest concepts for the American people to understand. This simple solution could save hundreds if not thousands of lives in the United States, yet there are still people  shopping or going out to eat. But why, when we’ve learned we can stop the spread of COVID-19 by social […]

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Sports writers: Storytelling isn’t canceled

No one suspected much of anything on the morning of March 11. There were growing concerns over the COVID-19 virus becoming more prevalent, but very few people suspected what would transpire over the next 48 hours. What started as a “no fans allowed at sporting events” proposal, turned into a “no sporting events, period” rule […]

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Seniors in springs sports get a chance at final season

After the Summit League cancellations caused by COVID-19, all athletic teams faced the ends of their seasons sooner than imagined. However, for seniors, it means possibly never playing as a Coyote again. The NCAA issued a statement assuring the spring sport athletes they could compete for an extra year if desired. In an official statement, […]

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How the Summit League Cancellation is affecting teams

Summit League Commissioner Tom Douple announced March 13 that spring sports would be canceled for the remainder of the year due to COVID-19. The cancellation includes all non-conference, conference and championship competitions for all Summit League universities.  The announcement was made on March 13, when multiple teams were on the road. Coaches informed the teams […]

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COVID-19 impacts upcoming theater productions

After the decision was made by USD to extend spring break and move classes online temporarily, COVID-19 has impacted the theater department, both in the classroom and on the stage. Due to the pandemic, the department has been working on meeting the needs of students through online course delivery. Due to the recommended safe social […]

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Coronavirus continues to spread in South Dakota

A growing number of coronavirus cases have emerged in South Dakota. The state recorded 14 positive cases of COVID-19 on Friday, but that total rose to 30 by Tuesday according to South Dakota’s Department of Health. South Dakota has seen one death so far from COVID-19. Beadle and Minnehaha counties have the most cases in […]

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COVID-19: From the retail worker’s perspective

With the sudden surge of COVID-19 cases across the U.S., working retail has literally never been scarier. And yes, I absolutely mean it when I say this is scarier than working retail during Black Friday.  toAccording to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are a total of 15,219 confirmed cases of COVID-19 […]

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What to do while self quarantining

As classes are moved online and students and faculty are encouraged to stay home to prevent spreading COVID-19, people may wonder what to do during self quarantine. While being cooped up during a pandemic probably wasn’t on your bucket list, there are several ways to relieve some of the stress and boredom that comes with […]

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UPDATE: Classes moved online for the remainder of the spring semester, graduation postponed

In a press release sent from the Board of Regents on Tuesday, all South Dakota public institutions will finish the semester online. The semester will still conclude as scheduled on May 8. This decision, according to the press release, was made as state officials anticipated an increase in COVID-19 cases in South Dakota. “The public […]

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