Charlie’s Cupboard’s Recent Food Drive Proves to be a Success 

In this past week, Charlie’s Cupboard received a sizable amount of donations, ranging from personal hygiene items to food products, that are to be given away to the students at USD.  Charlie’s Cupboard is a student-run organization that was created in 2020. The goal of the Cupboard is to help students who are in need […]

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Dakotathon continues despite COVID-19

This year’s Dakotathon, an annual fundraiser at USD, will be held virtually because of COVID-19 restrictions. However, this hasn’t stopped students from choosing to participate.   Junior medical biology major Leah Drengenberg said she had never heard of Dakotathon until the end of her freshman year, but had heard of dance marathons. Drengenberg said she was sitting in class when people came in to talk about the Dakotathon and she decided […]

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Annual coat drive donates winter wear to community members

For over a decade, Grace Baptist Church hosts a coat drive each year to help those in the community who may need coats for the winter as the weather changes. This year, the coat drive will take place Nov. 6 through 8.  Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the church had to change how they distributed […]

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Local Thrift Shops Closed Indefinitely

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and new city regulations, local thrift stores are closed indefinitely. For the past three weeks, The Civic Council and New 2 You have been closed. The Civic Council is a second hand, non-profit store that gives profit directly back to the Vermillion community. They frequently donate to the Vermillion Food […]

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Students for Reproductive Rights holds annual tampon drive online

The average woman uses over 11,000 tampons in her lifetime, which can cost her up to $70 per year. For some women, feminine hygiene products are not easily accessible or affordable. But USD’s Students for Reproductive Rights organization help solve this problem. For the last four years, SFRR has held a feminine hygiene drive to […]

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Vermillion t-shirts represent and support local community

When USD students left for spring break, they thought they were leaving for a week. Now, four weeks later, students like Skye Hannasch are wishing they were back in Vermillion.  Hannasch, a senior criminal justice major, has worked for the company University Tees for the last year. Through this company, she designed a T-shirt representing […]

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Plasma: The donation of a lifetime

Plasma donations are a way for college students to earn extra money, but it’s much more than a quick paycheck and some spending money.  Donations are used to help patients with possibly life-threatening, conditions, Sara Balsam, Biotest Corporate Affairs Representative, said. Biotest of Vermillion is the closest donation center, but plasma donations are taken around […]

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